Intro To Brazilian Fruits

Brazil (and South America) is home to hundreds of fruits. No other continent has such a wide variety of fruits as South America, and most were originated on Brazilian soil. Some of the most famous ones are pineapple, passion fruit, cashew (where you get the cashew nut), acai, guava and papayas.

Rio de Janerio For Foodies

The tropical climate offers year round feast for those who are fruit lovers. Fresh tropical fruits available along market places can make foodies happy and the mouths watering. Availability of fruits depends upon the time of the year one visits the market. Some fruits are available year round like passion fruit, papaya, apple etc while some are seasonal and it can be noticed when one visits the countryside with loaded fruit trees. Sharon fruit, star fruit, avocados are a few seasonal fruits which are among the popular once.

There are number of markets in such tropical countries where the sellers can be seen advertising their fruits and their prices. The passersby can relish the samples of the fruits offered by these sellers. While one market in Rio De Janeiro for foodies, he can get fresh and in- season produced fruits in abundance and variety with amazing taste and smell. Sapoti, kinkan, graviola, jenipapo, atemila, seriguela, accai and many more tropical fruits are available in the colorful markets. There are stalls and fruit shops on these markets, which are open daily or weekly or even on allocated days. If one wishes to have a view and taste of a wide variety of fruits, Rio De Janeiro is the best choice. Here, not only the fruits but the most popular dishes and drinks made up of them can be enjoyed. Fruits play a vital role in the lives of the native people of this place. They also conduct tasting sessions, where a wide variety of pure and delicious fruit items are available.

Foodies can visit market in Rio De Janeiro and purchase such product at reasonable prices.